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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thresher's word-of-mouth campaign

Of particular interest to UK residents planning to stock up on wine/champagne for Christmas; Threshers is offering 40% off purchases between November 30 and December 10 to anyone who presents this coupon. There is no mainstream advertising for this, it appears to be aimed particularly at those "in the know".

(Note that the link is to Stormhoek, a South African wine maker which has been successfully building its UK brand with Hugh Macleod's help, almost entirely on his Hughtrain's markets-as-conversations basis. It sounds as though Stormhoek is gradually persuading Threshers of the value of the approach. Well done Hugh!)

A repeat of the Starbucks fiasco (free coffees for friends and family, which got out of hand, which led to the cancellation the offer) seems unlikely; this is "only" a 40% reduction, and noting that it can't be used in combination with the existing 3-for-2 offer (33.3% reduction) which covers most/all of their wine anyway, really does look like a promotion rather than a giveaway. Still, if you're aiming to stock up for Christmas anyway, and Threshers is convenient to you (my only local bottlo is, in fact, a Threshers), an extra 6-7% off is not to be sneezed at.


(via gapingvoid)

UPDATE 2006-12-02: Hugh wrote the Hughtrain, not the Cluetrain...