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Friday, November 24, 2006

Links for 2006-11-24

  • Bruce Perens petitions Novell to renegotiate its deal with Microsoft.
  • The 800 bed development in Perisher gains an approval. (The article says "approved a $112 million concept plan"; it is not clear whether this is a formal DA or more an agreement in principle, but it would suggest that the development is now [near-]certain.)
  • A group of scientists establishes a series of connections between gasses released from a fissure in Iceland in 1783/4, an unusually cool northern winter (through increased albedo), lowered water levels in the Nile and possibly even drought in India. This work provides a predictive model for the consequences of eruptions at northern latitudes, a counterpart to existing models for the northern consequences of tropical eruptions.
  • The laws of simplicity. (Life simplification, etc.)
  • DRM is dead, sort of (son of DRM?): "the new model for us is partnership. It always was, I’m just not sure we got it". (via Boing Boing)