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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sun's J2SE under Gnu GPLv2, TODAY!

I can't help having an "I'll believe it when I see it" response to this news but, allegedly, just seven hours from now Sun will make a partial j2se source release under the Gnu GPLv2. A live webcast is scheduled for 10:30am PT (5:30pm UTC) today and according to Tim Bray:

Unmodified GPL2 for our SE, ME, and EE code. GPL2 + Classpath exception for the SE libraries. Javac and HotSpot and JavaHelp code drops today. The libraries to follow, with pain expected fighting through the encumbrances. Governance TBD, but external committers are a design goal. No short-term changes in the TCK or JCP.

I wonder whether Sun will be a little more reasonable about Java trademarks than Mozilla has been about Firefox (think Iceweasel).

(via Scobleizer)