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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Links for 2006-11-25

  • The Stunt Train SEO Marketing Manifesto, a potted summary of the SEO school of thought; no so much how to tweak your web pages to get better rankings, but how to structure your business/activity as a whole to that end. (via gapingvoid)
  • Rodrigo Dauster's Elusive Customer Manifesto, which points out in not so many words that ignoring the cues and information that customers provide continually in favour of intrusively asking for the same information (surveys, call centre scripts for common transactions, polls, ...) is dumb, a blog post Brands should learn from my wife which offers some motivating examples. (via gapingvoid)
  • Complex life on Earth may have been spawned by an ecological disaster which, unlike previous ones, happened to occur when more complex species with higher resource requirements were ready to appear (and the removal of competition from simpler species paved the way). This reminds me of ideas about the sudden increases in personal power (and what we'd now call human rights) following the Black Death in medieval Europe; that the sudden reduction in population allowed former serfs to acquire productive land cheaply.
  • Litvinenko appears to have had radioactive polonium in his system (Po-210, half life is 138 days, rather than decades or millenia for other isotopes). This is a little odd; pre-mortem his doctors had already publically eliminated heavy metals, in particular thallium.