Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Motorola A768i OTA sync

The phone's sync works over three transports:
  1. IRDA. In this case it's an OBEX derivative called OBEXmot which, naturally, isn't documented and doesn't play nice with a stock obexd.
  2. USB. I haven't worked out what's involved here. I can confirm that this approach to getting the USB port running under Linux works with Debian Sarges 2.4.27 out of the box, but haven't worked out anything about syncing this way.
  3. Over The Air (OTA). In this case, it commences SyncML/1.0 with the configured server. So far I've only tried this with multisync, which choked because, despite offering to accept WBXML it then complains that it can't parse WBXML and, worse, answers 404 (not 500).
My next attempt will be with sync4j which, despite now offering SyncML/1.1 hopefully still handles SyncML/1.0.