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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Alexa hosting and deja vu

Alexa is now offering to host search applications which, if I understand correctly, are able to access multiple crawls, not just a "most recent" crawl.

This was a definite headspin because (a) just 10 days ago I had proposed on a closed mailing list that Google do something analagous this (in response to a Google insider's request for suggestions) and (b) because when I punched my camera model (Minolta Dimage EX) into the sample app, the first 10 photos that appeared (out of ~300) were mine!

(That they aren't published on my site added to my astonishment. Charlie published them with my consent, as they were taken when a group stayed at his Dad's cottage, but I've not seen them for a while. When the results page first appeared I did a double take: "those photos look quite similar to some of mine...")