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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


{{ The sound of another month speeding past... }}

Well, I am now back in the UK, am finally resident in London and have just accepted a job offer which will see me spending almost as much time in south-east Asia as in the UK over the next few months. Travel appears to be becoming a habit.

Here's what I've been up to (highlights, anyway):
  • Attended the rest of LCA2007.
  • Spent a week in Auckland, stayed with Camilla, attended my cousin Chris's wedding to Andrea, met/caught-up with various family (John, Joey, Tania, Stephen, Samantha, Graham, Cheryl, Mary), caught up with David Garnier. Went out with Camilla and David (on different evenings :-)) to go dancing; the only dancing that I did all trip in fact. Visited Devonport, Te Aroha, Paeroa, and travelled some of the way up the Coromandel Peninsula. Had an unexpected encounter with the North Shore Hash House Hussies.
  • Feb-1: Dinner in Chinatown with Chris Wood, John Malouf, Nyssa, Simon Rumble. Drinks with the above plus Christian and assorted ProgSoccers.
  • Feb 2: Spent the afternoon lurking at Blackbird; caught up with Janelle, Chris Thill, Sbug, Josh and family. Dinner at Rosalina's Italian Restaurant in Newtown with Silvia, Christian, Jane, Chris, Cathy, David, Alexander, Brad. Roberto was a saint; he didn't bat an eyelid at the sheer amount of noise that Alexander managed to make after dinner.
  • Feb-3: Brunch at Micky's Cafe in Paddington with Jane, Chris, James Vodanovich, Terry, Mary and a small fleet of sprogs. Afternoon tea with Roland (yes, another one), Amita and two offspring; this included a walk in the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Drinks with Adesh at the Hilton's Zeta bar (I was a little underdressed, I fear). Dinner at Had to Happen in North Sydney (North Sydney is even more dead on a weekend than I recalled; parking was available right outside the restaurant) with Michel, Linda, Kearon, Erika, James Davidson, Ian Woolf.
(Spent those three nights and Jane and Chris' great, newly acquired, apartment in Woollahra.)
  • Dug trenches and laid pavers at Dad's place. (What, you don't dream about travelling halfway across the world to landscape family members' gardens? :-) Actually, a day's hard physical labour in hot, humid conditions was a nice change, at least in that it felt good to (a) complete something and (b) stop.)
  • Feb-6: Lunch with Lydia. Dinner at Billu's Indian Eatery in Harris Park with Denny, Marina, OB, Paul Peterson, Wendy, Stuart, Christian and Bronwyn.
  • Feb-8: Back at Blackbird, lunch with Sammy, Tony Horton. Dinner at Il Cugino in Leichhardt with David Littlejohn, Psyke, Colin Panisset, Nathan, Ros, Anthony Rumble, Jedd, John Elliot, Christian.
  • Feb-9: After checking in at Mascot, coffee with Mum, Dad and Tony Macinante.
Thanks to everyone who made time to catch up! Apologies to anyone I've forgotten to mention.
  • Feb-10/11: A stopover in Bangkok. What a place! Hot, humid, smelly, vibrant, crowded, fascinating. I can't wait to go back; which it now appears that I'll do rather soon.
  • Had the longest jetlag recovery time that I ever recall having (passed out early on four consecutive nights).
  • Saw a private screening of 300 (thanks Hugh!); an incredible story, a visual feast. Loved it.
  • Feb-17: Made my first foray into the London Ceroc scene (Chiswick Town Hall). As anticipated, there are plenty of good dancers here, which pleases me immensely.
  • Feb-18: Chinese New Year celebrations in London (which now just means "hop on the tube for half an hour" rather than "spend hours in transit each way") with Chris and Angie. Threw throw-downs about the place, which I've not done since I was a child. Discovered the Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square which runs recent, but not most-recent, films for as little as £1.50. Saw Volver (fun) and Little Miss Sunshine (riotous; the trailers don't do it justice).
  • Feb-20: Wandered back to the Prince Charles Cinema to see Manhattan (yes, I like Woody Allen films).

{{ A message on a "use new Blogger" nag page that came up after I logged in suggests that the old UI and, more importantly, the ability to continue to use without a gmail account and thus without accepting a cookie from, will be removed as of my next login. If so, my procrastinating about shifting to WordPress may be about to come to an abrupt end and my intention to return to posting daily may not bear fruit for a couple of days. }}