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Friday, October 27, 2006

Preventing Flash from wedging with esd

This is a "I've fixed it before, and may need to fix it again" memo.

From time to time I wish to use Flash in an environment where esd controls audio. esddsp should do this, but doesn't. In order to get this to work correctly, it is neccessary to install the development libraries "apt-get install libesd0-dev".

(I'm using esd both to allow multiple apps to use the device and because, at present, my notebook's audio hardware is not supported, so a combination of esd/esdmon/liveice/icecast turns output to esd into a network stream which my MediaMVP can play.)

(Although I've not retained the links to the relevant pages, the problem is a known bug. It appears that a combination of nonfree-ness, extreme technical ugliness of esddsp (diverts lots of system calls, doesn't participate in LD_PRELOAD chaining, ...) and a claim that Macromedia is aiming to fix this in an upcoming release means that this is about the only workaround that's available at present.)