Monday, April 11, 2005

The Sound of Silence

Protective and surveillance devices aren't much use when they're not turned on or not connected (or, for any other reason, not recording).

Mystery surrounds empty black box in Afghan air crash. 10/04/2005. ABC News Online: "'Due to technical errors the flight data recorder had nothing recorded,' Afghan defence ministry spokesman Mohammed Zahir Azimi said.

The second black box - the cockpit voice recorder, which records the conversation between the pilot and the air control tower, was never found.


'The device had no records on it 25 hours before the crash time and the reason for that is not known,' Qurban Mohammed Badakhshi said, flight safety director at the Afghan Ministry of Transportation.


The jet airliner was en route from the western city of Herat to Kabul when it hit a 3,300-metre mountain peak during a snowstorm on February 3."