Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Motorola A768i OTA sync, HTTPS

A while ago I did manage to get the phone to sync with Sync4J 2.2b3 over HTTP. Tonight I tried sync'ing via HTTPS; as far as I can tell, the phone will not even attempt to sync over HTTPS, it will merely report its inability to connect. Sniffing at the server did not even show TCP SYN (connection attempts).
The next obvious path for securing OTA sync is the Movian VPN client that came with the phone, but this appears to be a 60-connections-only evaluation license, and certicom appears to have killed the product (license keys are no longer available) in October last year, before I received my phone in fact!
A further approach is the kernel's IPSec, if it's present - this is going to require some fiddling.
A final approch is SSH port forwarding or the like - again, this is going to require some fiddling.

One other note: the phone was connecting to and communicating with the same Sync4J instance that I used successfully a week or two ago, but this time, shortly after successfully authentication a "data communication error" was reported on the phone. More fiddling...